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…Gaza and the Ritual of Mutual Destruction

January 6, 2009

image - gaza-children-2008 - from The Buddhist Channelby Hozan Alan Senauke

Gaza is burning. The violence must end before anything else can happen. We can all think nice thoughts about right and wrong, who acted first, who acted worst. We can argue about politics — national, international, geopolitical, corporate. Whatever intellectual thread my mind pulls at quickly comes to a hopeless tangle. [article]


Dramatic Increase in Air Strikes Not Reported

December 28, 2007

image - air strikes chart - based on CSIS reportThe dramatic year-on-year increase in air strikes in Afghanistan and in Iraq, but particularly in Afghanistan, has not been widely reported.

The number of air strikes has greatly increased in both countries, and from fewer than half as many in Afghanistan as in Iraq in 2005 to more than twice as many in 2007. [The initials OEF and OIF stand for Operation Enduring Freedom (for Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom.] Read the rest of this entry »