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…Gaza and the Ritual of Mutual Destruction

January 6, 2009

image - gaza-children-2008 - from The Buddhist Channelby Hozan Alan Senauke

Gaza is burning. The violence must end before anything else can happen. We can all think nice thoughts about right and wrong, who acted first, who acted worst. We can argue about politics — national, international, geopolitical, corporate. Whatever intellectual thread my mind pulls at quickly comes to a hopeless tangle. [article]


BPF: Focus on Burma

November 29, 2007

image - jailed monk - from[from BPF Human Rights Program Coordinator]

Presently we think of our focus being:

* advocating and supporting the monks and nuns

* addressing arms sales to Burma

The full text of the first message to chapters from Margaret Howe follows. Read the rest of this entry »