Jan 27

Compassionate Action in Troubled Times

***This one-day workshop was held on January 27, 2007. The Braziers are giving another BPF-sponsored workshop in Vancouver on January 31, 2009. We hope you’ll join us for that. To go to the front page of this blog and see the most recent posts, click here.***

[this page kept open for follow-up – scroll down to comments]

Vancouver BPF invites you to join us for an exciting workshop on socially engaged Buddhism, facilitated by David and Caroline Brazier.

David Brazier

“I have always been spiritual. Maybe it is a blessing, maybe a burden, but the spiritual realm breaks through upon me quite frequently and occasionally in major ways. I have always felt guided. Even if I do not always heed or well conform to that guidance, it continues to burn like a guiding light and so I have acquired faith in its indestructibility.”

Dharmavidya (David Brazier)

The workshop is an opportunity for Buddhists and others from all traditions to come together and explore the relevance of Buddhist teachings to contemporary social issues. The workshop will be participatory in nature with an emphasis on developing collective action.

January 27, 2007 9:30am to 4:30pm Registration and Check-In at 9:00am
Centre for Peace, 1825 West 16th Ave
$35 Cdn for those who can pay. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.
Expect tea, but please bring your own lunch. Also, in case you decide you want to donate at the workshop, there will be an opportunity to give dana for the Braziers.
See last paragraph below.


David and Caroline Brazier

David (Dharmavidya) and Caroline (Prasada) are practitioners and teachers in the Pureland tradition, and founders of the Amida Order. Both are psychotherapists and highly skilled in group facilitation and community development. Caroline, David and their sangha are actively involved in campaigns on such issues as the arms trade, rights for asylum seekers, and ecological and animal rights. They also carry out humanitarian work in Britain and third world countries.

David Brazier, PhD, is author of several books including “Zen Therapy”, “The Feeling Buddha” and “The New Buddhism”.

Caroline Brazier, MPhil, is author of “Buddhism on the Couch: From Analysis to Awakening Using Buddhist Psychology”.

For more information about David and Caroline and their work, as well as for other events taking place during their visit to Vancouver, please see www.amidatrust.com.


BPF brings together Buddhists of all traditions who are committed to social and personal transformation, and strives to bring a Buddhist perspective to contemporary peace, environmental and social justice movements. Founded in the United States in 1978, BPF now has more than 50 chapters throughout the world. The Vancouver Chapter was founded in 2005 and welcomes new members.


Seating is limited, so please register as soon as possible (now would be good) to reserve your place. Please submit a short comment below saying that you would like to register or that you would like more information. Your comment will be deleted within a day or so of your receiving an email in response to it. If you prefer to register by phone,

call [George at] 604 682-2557


12 Responses to “Jan 27”

  1. John Barbour Says:

    I am not able to attend this weekend, but I wanted to thank you and your entire group for including the assurance that no one would be turned away from your program due to lack of funds. It is a wonderful inclusion which I believe not enough organizations, both dharmic and otherwise, make the effort to afford.
    I am sure that your generosity will be remembered and rewarded through the benefit it brings to us all.
    John Barbour

  2. Thank you, John, from all of us at Vancouver BPF.

  3. If you took part in this workshop and would like to comment on it, you can do so here. Dharmavidya and Prasada – as well as the world at large – then can read what you say.

    Please also leave comments here over the next several weeks and months to update us all on any resulting collective action that you care to make public.

  4. George Says:

    Thanks to Dharmavidya and Prasada for an inspiring day – with its emphasis on developing collective action. The groups came up with some really creative ideas to put into action.

    I can help each group create an opt-in email list drawn from our entire list – and that includes everyone in the workshop. Please leave a comment here if you would like to do this for your group, and I will help you.

  5. George Says:

    I would like to create an opt-in email list for the group I was in.

  6. Heather Says:

    I found the workshop very inspiring and productive. I hope that anyone who wishes to contact me about the Knitting Front will contact me at: true_stitches at yahoo.ca. I am also hoping the knitters will be part of the Valentine’s Day march.

  7. Tasha Says:

    Can you remind us the details of the Valentine’s Day March? I hope to be there….

  8. Heather Says:

    One of the other participants talked about the march – she said there was a meet-up at the Carnegie Centre at 11:30 am on Feb 14, then the march proceeds through the DTES. See you there!

  9. Debra Says:

    Hello Tasha and others that are interested in the Valentine’s March,
    The march begins with speakers in the Carnegy theatre at approximately 11:30 am and ends around 3 or 4 pm. It is a tight space. The marcher will walk for about an hour before stopping at the police staircase on Main. There are usually some very good speakers at this stop. From there the group walks to Oppenheimer Park for a large circle and prayer. Some years, we have ended at the Japanese Centre on Powell for food. Wear warm clothes. Look forward to meeing you again. Debra

  10. Dharmavidya Says:

    Very pleased to have been invited to guide this day – there was a tremendous energy and I hope it bears much good fruit. Thank you and good wishes from all at Amida Trust. Namo Amida Bu. Dharmavidya

  11. Anne Says:

    Really enjoyed the workshop and meeting everyone. Have been reading a few things I picked up at the workshop. Finding the “Just As You Are: Blossoms of Amida Buddhism” pamphlet to be very inspiring, bite sized reminders and looks like it can be found at http://www.amidatrust.com/book/justasyouare.pdf

    Also really enjoying “The New Buddhism: A Rough Guide to a New Way of Life”. Also will post details once we have something happening with the tonglen practice around the Pickton trial. Peace, Anne

  12. Dharmavidya Says:

    Dear Anne, Glad you like the pamphlet – yes, you can download additional copies of “Just as you Are” – do put it around. I will look forward to hearing how the tonglen practice idea develops. Blessings to all you people working for the Buddhist revolution over there. May peace prevail. Dharmavidya

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