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Buddhism and Contemporary Society at UBC

May 4, 2010

Call for Volunteers

The Buddhism and Contemporary Society Program of the Institute for Asian Research at UBC is planning its first full conference this October: Buddhism in Canada: Global Causes, Local Conditions. A call for volunteers is included in this announcement:
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Imagine Peace: Oneness Day Petition

July 26, 2009

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Oneness Day Petition – The Text

I declare:

1. That the message We Are All One, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent … [link]

Save the Planet: Stop Harper!

October 6, 2008

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For an excellent guide to how to vote smart where your live and stop a Harper majority, visit: VOTEFORENVIRONMENT.CA This site uses the latest polls to tell you whether your race is close, and which local candidate is your best bet to stop Harper. You Have a Choice: click here to play/download the song and sign the pledge.

One-Year Anniversary of the Saffron Revolution

September 10, 2008

The International Burmese Monks Organization (IBMO) has called for September 26 to be a Day of Action for Burma…

Western Buddhists owe a debt of gratitude to the Burmese for helping to bring the Buddha’s teachings to the West. They have kept and treasured the dharma for two thousand years. Whether Theravadan, Mahayana or Vajrajana, all Western Buddhists have been touched by the depth of Burmese Buddhism. And now many monasteries remain closed and thousands of monks remain unaccounted for. [article]

Peace Meditation Letter Supporting Insite

July 16, 2008

Candle • © Tony Bowall • used with permissionLetter Supporting Insite…
…Vancouver’s Safe Injection Site

A great letter came out of last month’s peace meditation and letter writing: a letter to Stephen Harper in support of Insite, Vancouver’s safe injection site. Sadhu, Anne!

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Giving to Monasteries in Burma

May 12, 2008

image - avaazlogo - from www.avaaz.orgAvaaz is raising funds for the International Burmese Monks Organization and related groups, which will transmit funds directly to monasteries in affected areas.

[See also Myanmar Seizes U.N. Food for Cyclone Victims and Blocks Foreign Experts – New York Times]

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Turning Wheel: Call for Submissions

April 17, 2008

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Turning Wheel is calling for submissions for the Summer/Fall 2008 issue on the theme Engaged Dharma — Legacy and Future.

Deadline for submitting articles for consideration: June 1, 2008

Meditative Peace Walk: Golden Gate Bridge

April 6, 2008

image - Burma monks - from www.bpf.orgTell anyone you know in the area about this event in San Francisco led by Burmese monks and Buddhist clergy, including Jack Kornfield and other senior teachers, on Wednesday, April 9.

On April 9, San Francisco hosts the US stage of the relay taking the Olympic torch to Beijing. No other North American city is directly involved. Please send metta to those on the peace walk in San Francisco that day.

For other actions you can take, click here (then scroll down).

Tibet: Support the Dalai Lama

March 21, 2008

image - China-Tibet - from Wikipedia[related news items]

Over 570,000 signatures so far, aiming for a million . . .

Sign the Petition!

[message from Avaaz follows – forwarded by Jennifer]

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Meditating for World Peace in 2008

December 31, 2007

Candle • © Tony Bowall • used with permissionWherever you are, please join all the people everywhere meditating today for world peace in 2008.

Best wishes for the New Year.