The Metta Foundation: Insight Dialogue Retreat

June 14, 2010

Residential Retreat at Sea-to-Sky :: Aug 28 to Sep 3

“In Insight Dialogue, Gregory Kramer breaks new ground in applying the Buddha’s teachings to our lives, relationships, and meditative understandings … Drawing on years of experience leading Insight Dialogue retreats, Gregory has masterfully united the breadth of people’s mindful interaction with the depth of dharma fundamentals.” —Joseph Goldstein

The Metta Foundation has never before offered an Insight Dialogue retreat in BC. Many thanks to Lucy Leu, Judy Witheford and Raj Gill for organizing this. Details from Lucy follow.

from Lucy Leu:

My friends Judy Witheford and Raj Gill and I have invited Vipassana Insight teacher Gregory Kramer to offer the first Insight Dialogue Retreat in the Vancouver community. Gregory is the founder of Insight Dialogue, which incorporates speech into our meditation practice as a support for liberation. Raj, Judy, and I (as well as now thousands of meditation practitioners around the world) who spend a lot of our waking hours in relationship have found Insight Dialogue to be eye- and mind-opening and profoundly beneficial to our practice and how we live it in daily life.

We organized the upcoming retreat in order for local sanghas to have an opportunity to experience Gregory’s teachings. Ironically though, most of the registrations now coming in are from far afield (where Insight Dialogue is already known) … I would so appreciate your passing on this information to those you know who might benefit from what I believe to be a precious opportunity to practice the dharma while cultivating wise speech.

RESIDENTIAL INSIGHT DIALOGUE (ID) RETREAT: “Cultivating the Factors of Awakening”

DATE: August 28-Sept. 3, 2010

OPTIONAL FACILITATOR TRAINING: The retreat will be followed by an optional facilitator training (Sept. 3-5) for those wishing to share ID with their sanghas. (To participate, you must have completed this or another 5-day residential retreat with Gregory.)

COST: CAD or US $500 for 6-night retreat, $150 for 2-night facilitator training
NOTE: Retreatants will be invited to offer dana to support the teachers who are offering these teachings freely.

LOCATION: Sea to Sky Retreat Centre on 40 secluded acres near Whistler

REGISTRATION: lucyleu [at] mac [dot] com


I am attaching the flyer for the retreat in both color [PDF] and black-and-white [PDF] in case you know of some auspicious spots to post it. (Please note that there is NO prerequisite for the retreat itself. Prerequisite applies ONLY to the optional facilitator training that follows.)

Thank you for receiving this information and your support.

Sending metta and wishing you ease and peace of mind,



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