Maia Duerr: The Jizo Chronicles

November 19, 2009

image - maiaphoto - from … link to Maia Duerr, former executive director of BPF and a great help to Vancouver BPF in getting us going, wrote:

Hi there good folks at Vancouver BPF,

Thought you might be interested in a new blog I have started on socially engaged buddhism — see

all the best,
Maia Duerr

Thanks, Maia. We’ll follow your posts there. Vancouver BPF


4 Responses to “Maia Duerr: The Jizo Chronicles”

  1. Thanks, good folks in Vancouver!

  2. author Says:

    Unless you intend us to publish your comment, we delete it after getting back to you. Even though you can see your comment until then, no one else can – apart from us at Vancouver BPF.

  3. […] be sure to check out the latest David Loy article in the Shambhala Sun. Thanks to the Jizo Chronicles for the heads-up on this […]

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