Gaza: Canada Votes Against Fact-Finding Mission

January 13, 2009

UN human rights body to send fact-finding mission to Gaza
Canada cast the only negative vote for the non-binding resolution, which received the support of 33 of the Council’s 47 members, while 13 countries abstained. [full story]


2 Responses to “Gaza: Canada Votes Against Fact-Finding Mission”

  1. billynorton Says:

    Maybe voting no to a “Non Binding Resolution” at least shows some honesty and not a desire to make people feel good about themselves by doing meaningless crap

  2. R Says:

    Harper clearly approves of Israel’s depraved activities. Israel deserves severe punishment for its conduct. People like Harper stand in the way of justice. Israel murders indiscriminately to enforce its so-called right to imprison the Palestinians forever and ever as is its vision for so-called peace, as part of the doctrine described by Moshe Dayan. “They have a choice. They can live like dogs or they can leave”, though if anyone treated their dog as the Israelis treat their Palestinian prisoners they’d be hauled away to prison for that… Perhaps the words of former IDF Chief of Staff better illustrates the Israeli ‘peace’ vision – “When we’re through settling the land, all they can do about is is scurry about like drugged cockroaches in a bottle.”

    To think that the prime minister of Canada openly supports such total evil.

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