Saille Brock Abbott 1962-2008

June 20, 2008

BPF Logo - SmallJennifer Abbott writes…

It is with deep sadness that I am writing to announce the passing of our sister and friend Saille. Saille so wanted to send a final email to everyone and although she persevered with amazing humour, strength and profundity, she was very tired these last days and it became too difficult.

Please see below for information about the celebration of her life which will take place this coming Solstice in Caledon East, Ontario. Those wishing to send an email to family or text to include at the memorial, please send to: [at] There will be another celebration in Vancouver, to be announced.

If there is one thing I would like to learn most from my sister, it is to keep an open heart, even in times of great difficulty and loss. And so in her spirit, I wish you the courage and compassion of an open heart and a joyful life…

In gratitude,


Saille Brock Abbott 1962 – 2008

Saille passed away at home after a lengthy bout of cancer, a recurrence of her previous episode in 2006. Her extraordinary courage, grace, humour and wisdom throughout her ordeal was an inspiration to her family and her very many friends from Canada, the USA and Europe. Her life philosophy was to live in the present, live one day at a time, and to find joy in every day regardless of the circumstances. She was at peace when she died, firm in her belief that she had lived her life fully and with no regrets for any of the decisions that she had made in her lifetime.

Saille was born on December 3, 1962 in Montreal. Her early education took place in Montreal, Edmonton and Brentwood, B.C.. She graduated from Queen’s University (Kingston) in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts & Physical Health and Education.

Saille’s work immediately after graduation involved Sport Canada and a number of sport/athletic associations. Later, as a social justice and health research facilitator, her work took her to Charlottetown, Ottawa and Toronto. Still later in 1996, Saille attended the Tamalpa Institute, California, where she studied expressive arts therapy (movement-based) to realize one of the abiding passions in her life. Saille taught expressive movement classes in Vancouver and led a community-based improvisational movement group dedicated to social justice issues. Most recently, Saille was studying in the UK to become a Buddhist minister.

Saille was known for the love, care and compassion that she showed to her immediate family, to her nieces and nephews, to all her friends and to virtually everyone that she met. Starting at a very early age, Saille devoted considerable time to caring for the physically and mentally disadvantaged. Her ability to connect and communicate with people in all walks of life was legendary. She encouraged compromise, openness to new ideas, support for the underdog and generosity of spirit. And she taught us so much by example.

She is survived by her mother and father, Wendy and John Abbott, her sisters Heather, Jennifer and Andrea Abbott, by her nieces and nephews Zoe, Sam and Joshua Abbott-Tate, Weston Abbott-Arcan, and Jessa and Tahlea Balint, and by her brother-in-law Ian Tate, Sean Balint, and Matthew Hart. She will be sorely missed by all and forever remembered for her loving care and wisdom.

The Celebration of Saille’s life will take place on Friday, June 20 starting at 3:00 p.m., at the family home at 18863 Centreville Creek Road in the Town of Caledon; telephone (905) 584-1326. Friends and family are most welcome. Please no donations or flowers, but Saille has requested that each should do something that will bring joy to a friend, a neighbour, or someone in need.

>From Saille: “— and so my dear friends, I hope you will each choose to journey with me on your own ride, walk, jump, dance, skip of this one wild and precious life that we have each been given. I will meet you there —“


2 Responses to “Saille Brock Abbott 1962-2008”

  1. Our thoughts are with Jennifer and other family members and friends at this time – and especially today at noon (here) for the celebration of Saille’s life that starts at 3:00pm at the family home in Ontario. As Saille requested, we each will do something that will bring joy to a friend, a neighbour, or someone in need – as we remember her with gratitude.

    Thank you, Saille, for your loving care and wisdom.

    With metta to all,

    Vancouver BPF

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