Class Matters: Community Building

March 21, 2008

image - Class Matters - available from www.newsociety.orgThree interesting items from Class Matters (the website):

Invisible Walls

Reaching across the Walls

It’s not “them” — it’s us!


The Top 10 Mistakes of Middle-Class Activists in Mixed-Class Groups

  1. Overlook necessity
  2. Overlook intelligence
  3. Romanticize working-class people
  4. Impose inessential weirdnesses
  5. Hide who they really are
  6. Think they know it all
  7. Think they know nothing
  8. Focus on education more than organizing
  9. Focus on goals and tasks more than people
  10. Take over

For more on these (esp. weirdnesses), see the article.

[with thanks to pete shamazaki doktor dok (at) riseup (dot) net]

[this post developed from a message forwarded by Andrew]


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