Burma: Peace Vigil at UN Today at Noon

September 29, 2007

Candle • © Tony Bowall • used with permission

Maia has forwarded a message from New York BPF with details of a peace vigil to be held at the UN today at 12:00pm. Please take some time today to hold your own vigil in support.

Messages from Maia and from New York and San Francisco follow.

—– Original Message —–
From: Maia Duerr

Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007
Subject: [Bpf Chapters] Burma update, and call to hold BPF vigils Saturday

Dear friends,

There is a lot happening this morning. The news from Burma is not good, with reports of the Myanmar military troops occupying monasteries and cutting off all communications to the outside, including Internet. The number of people killed varies from source to source, with the official Myanmar government report at 10, but it’s probably many more.

It continues to be critical for both the Myanmar and Chinese government to know that the whole world is watching this situation. Many vigils are being organized, including some generating from the BPF community. We are posting these on our web page as we receive them.

Our invitation to all of you in BPF chapters and other groups is to organize a vigil on Saturday (tomorrow, 9/29) at 12 noon in your local area.If as many of us take part in this as possible at the same time, the power of numbers of people in support of a nonviolent, peaceful resolution to the events in Burma will be evident. Please let me know about the time and location of your vigil and we’ll include it on the website.

Below, I am forwarding the description of the NYC BPF vigil, from Judy Fleischman. Please feel free to use it as a starting point for organizing one in your region. I have attached the Metta Sutta [here] as a downloadable file if you want to print it out and share it with people at your vigil, if you’d like.

And if you are anywhere near NY or know people who live there, please help Judy get the word out.

in peace,
Maia Duerr

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Judy Fleischman
> Date: September 28, 2007

> Subject: [bpfny] ‘Peace in Burma’ Gathering at United Nations: Sat, 9/29, 12-1pm
> ‘Peace in Burma’ Gathering at United Nations
> Saturday Sept. 29, noon to 1 PM
> **************************************************
> Dear friends,
> Thanks to much wholehearted effort, we plan to gather
> at the United Nations this Saturday to offer a strong
> peaceful presence and message about the need to stop
> the violence in Burma (Myanmar).
> Your participation matters. Please consider coming and
> also helping get the word out by forwarding this
> invitation.
> Questions? info [at] bpfny.org or call 212-545-4123
> Note: On Saturday, contact event coordinator Mo
> (Maureen) Malvern by cell at 850-559-6169.
> In this moment, let’s pause to appreciate all the ways
> in which each of us, practicing diligently with
> heartfelt intention, embodies peace and happiness.
> This is a precious gift we offer together.
> in peace,
> Judy Seicho Fleischman and Mo Malvern
> for BPF/NY
> Buddhist Peace Fellowship/ NY Metro Chapter
> http://www.bpfny.org, http://www.bpf.org
> *****************************************************
> ‘Peace in Burma’ Gathering at United Nations
> WHEN: Saturday September 29 from noon to 1 PM
> WHERE: Dag Hammersjold Plaza (47th St. & 1st Ave.),
> Katherine Hepburn Garden,
> between 2 fountains closest to 1st Ave.

From: Delia McGrath [San Francisco]
Subject: Re: [Bpf Chapters] Burma update,and call to hold BPF vigils Saturday

Dear Maia and friends,

The updates re: Burma are INVALUABLE. Thank you, Maia, and all those who are planning events and informing us of what is going on. You are keeping our focus clear and current.

I joined literally hundreds of folks, many Buddhists, this afternoon [Friday] in front of the Chinese Consulate building in SF . . . for an amazing experience, a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration. The interconnectedness we have with all beings was deeply and profoundly felt. BURMA did not seem far away – the pain of the people there seemed palpable. Both silence and speaking could be “heard” – the former perhaps even more resounding. Chanting was moving, consoling.

There are new activities being planned for tomorrow and next week. Thanks for keeping us posted and I encourage everyone to join an event – even a “small” one in your own location. We’ll have to keep our efforts for Burma’s freedom as highly visible as we can – and especially now that there is a blackout of info from within Burma.

Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s event . . . it was so inspiring to be amongst so many whose hearts are all turned towards the light – of peace, of freedom, of human dignity.

Much love and peace and the 10,000 blessings, Delia [McGrath]

> WHAT: Metta With the Burmese Monks:
> May all beings be free from suffering.
> May all beings be free from fear.
> May all beings be happy.
> HOW: We’ll display the NY BPF banner and a sign with
> the above words. We’ll chant together.
> If possible, bring a cushion and wear red or maroon.
> Consider bringing water and a hat.
> If you’d like to make a sign, we suggest:
> ‘Peace in Burma’
> WHO: Word of this event is being spread regionally
> and nationally. Everyone is welcome.
> *******************************************************


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