What Is This: One Million Dead Iraqis?

August 21, 2007

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator[from the complete explanation of the estimate on Just Foreign Policy:]

The Lancet study [see earlier post] already demonstrated that, as of July 2006, the deaths caused by the U.S. invasion of Iraq rivaled the death toll of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. [The updated estimate in the image exceeds] even high estimates of deaths in Rwanda. (Note that this does not even include Iraqi deaths attributable to the 1991 Gulf War or the sanctions imposed on the population between the two wars.)

Realization of the daunting scale of the death and suffering inflicted on Iraqis should add urgency to efforts to end the occupation and to prevent such “pre-emptive” invasions or “interventions” in the future. The American people need to rein in their government and create a new kind of foreign policy, one based on cooperation, law, and diplomacy rather than violence and aggression.

[See also U.S. Media Ignores Estimate of 1 Million Iraqi Deaths by Robert Naiman. Read the complete explanation of the estimate of over one million deaths by violence in Iraq since March 2003. This is on top of maybe four million homeless: around two million displaced persons in-country, and two million refugees in Syria, Jordan, etc. Out of a total population of under thirty million. Read more in Der Spiegel]


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