InterSpiritual Film Festival Group

August 15, 2007

image - ISC graphic[from Jennifer; see earlier post]

Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway

(across from Kingsgate Mall)

Wednesday, September 5 • 7-9pm

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get a beverage, time will be very limited for introductions and side tracked discussions. However, there will be time to continue conversations, the place is open until 10pm for those who are able to linger.

This meeting is to accommodate Reb David’s very busy schedule, as he is the Program Director of the InterSpiritual Centre, I think it important he be included in the first volunteer meeting of this very special event. He will provide the history and new directions of the InterSpiritual Centre.

1) I hope to accomplish getting to know all of you and why you chose to become a volunteer for this project. In your introduction, please provide your work history, as there may be jobs that match your professional skill set. It is important to me that everyone is participating in a way they would like to contribute, matching your skills with the available roles would be a huge benefit to the festival. I have listed below some job openings I would like to see filled in the very near future.

2) We have a 2 page proposal to draft – this will be the main mission statement for the festival and will keep us focused throughout the project’s development. This is a collaborative event, everyone will have a voice and I hope all of you are open to suggest ideas that may be included in the proposal body. The text will act as a guide in all aspects of the festival, from film selection to approaching sponsors for funding. I suggest to all of you, please visit the website to get a sense of what the InterSpiritual Centre to help in your preparation.

3) Date for the event, can we find enough funding and have film selection in place to meet approaching deadlines. There have been a few ideas on this – and this would need to be discussed to prepare us for how much time lines are needed to meet any proposed event date.

4) Title, we have been using Spiritual Film festival as a working title now is the time to brand the festival and link it to the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver. Ideas have already been generated but please don’t hesitate to contribute your thoughts on this.

5) Future meetings, how many and where. Emails can handle alot of communication but every now and then getting together face to face can accomplish much more than bare bones necessary correspondence.

6) Your ongoing feedback, whether it be at the meeting or future emails. I don’t consider this festival to be any one single person’s vision rather stemming from a group of people who wish to be a involved in the development of an event that intends to explore the diversity and commonality of faiths and personal practices that exist here in Vancouver.

List of Positions
– Program/Research Coordinator – Assist Programmer with collecting films to preview and screen, follow up with licensing, shipping and costs.
– Sponsorship/Grants/Sales – outreach and contact
– Special Event Coordinator – arrange and budget for a gala opening
– Finance/Accountant – help prepare budget
– Editor/Copy Editor – fine tune the proposal and all written text
– Communications/Writer/Press Releases – media attention and outreach

with peace – Jennifer


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