2010 Housing Legacy: Speak Out Tomorrow!

June 27, 2007

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This just in from Lisa:

This Thursday, June 28 at 2 pm there will be a joint draft response to recommendations (ICI) that contain concrete steps on addressing homelessness in Vancouver. It is of crucial importance that there be a large and diverse turn out at Council on Thurs. Please do consider the info below and if you are free please do sign up to be on the speakers list – even if you’ve never done so before – or please show up and support groups advocating for housing in this city. If you are a renter these issues affect you too, if you are a senior or know a senior in social housing these issues affect you, if you know people with mental health issues or have MH issues of your own yes, these issues affect you – these housing issues do not just affect the homeless or “hard to house” they affect a very broad spectrum, which may not include you or anyone you may know at this time, but be assured you will fall into that spectrum, or someone you know will one day – so please do take these issues personally.


Citywide Housing Coalition
Thanks for becoming part of our Network!

Please sign up to speak at council on Thursday, June 28 at 2 pm. Bring your neighbors! The City released the report last Friday. They did not give us much notice!

The ICI Olympic Partners (Fed, Prov, City and VANOC) have assessed the recommendations of the ICI Housing Table Report and have developed a Joint Draft Response. In order to finalize the City’s contribution to the Joint Draft Response, City Staff will bring forward the report this Thursday.

Call Nicole Ludwig, City Clerk, to sign up to speak: (604) 871-6399. Leave a message with your full name, address, postal code and phone number.

The report from City Staff recommends council endorse the Olympic Recommendations (attached) as stated in Appendix (A) and the joint Appendix (B) by the partners. But Appendix (B) says there is no money. The Citywide Housing Coalition and CCAP will support the recommendation for council to endorse the recommendations Appendix (A) but ask council to reject the joint response Appendix (B) until the senior government partners include reference to how they will keep their Olympic promises. Self identifying from your neighbourhood of residence, we invite you to take the same position and to say why we need 3200 units of housing now.

There is more than enough $$$money$$$ even without dipping into massive projected budget surpluses. PIVOT explains how in a new report (available Wednesday if requested).

Here is the link to the full report including Appendix (A) and Appendix (B) by the partners: [link]

Read the excellent article by Francis Bula, Vancouver Sun, that says this Appendix (B) basically recommends the 3 levels of government break their promises.
Other points to consider from CCAP:
– The Province is not building as much new housing in BC as they claim. One “new” projects announced converts existing social housing into supportive housing (for mentally ill and addicted). Three “new” housing projects were cancelled in 2001 by BC and now re-announced. Read Monte Paulson’s online Tyee series for more on this.
– It will cost only $640 million to build 3200 units of housing
– 109 groups, including BCGEU, Urban Development Institute, Apartment Managers Association and the Anti Poverty Committee endorsed – talk about widespread consensus!
– Lots of surplus money available – $250 million endowment fund set aside by Province in last budget to create interest for social housing – spend it on a downpayment for 3200 units now
– 1.3 B City of Vancouver Property Endowment Fund
– Province will have $3 B surplus this year according to Canadian Centre Policy Alternatives
– Call on city councilors to form a giant lobby and be leaders to get the money from senior governments
– By supporting the Appendix (B), council is parotting the Province’s excuses – council should be independent
– There are no guarantees that any social housing will be developed on Athlete’s Village only slim projections based on how much money the City will make off its market investments there.
– Increase social assistance (p. 14): Here the city is basically endorsing the ICI recommendations. But then it goes on in the Partners Appendix (b) to endorse the province’s PR about how great they have already been with increases. This is inconsistent. The city should be lobbying more strongly for increases.

Consider also emailing a letter outlining your position to:

NPA clranton
NPA clrlee
NPA clrcapri
VISION clrlouie
NPA clrladner
NPA clrball
VISION clrstevenson
VISION clrdeal
COPE clrcadman
VISION clrchow
NPA sam.sullivan

[append ‘@vancouver.ca’ to the above names, as in clrpoobah@vancouver.ca]

bcc: info [at] citywidehousingcoalition [dot] org – consider bcc for Citywide Housing Coalition files

Call the NPA councilors (who may vote against implementation) directly: 604-873-7011

For more info, call

Wendy Pedersen
Carnegie Action (DTES rep for CHC)


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