Zen Calligraphy: Kazuaki Tanahashi

June 10, 2007

image - (.25)  from BRUSH CREATIVITY with Kaz (.doc)Peace Poems Reading
Calligraphy Demonstration

Friday June 29 . . . 7:00-9:00
Centre for Peace
admission by donation


Brush Creativity Workshop

Saturday June 30 . . . 9:30–5:30
Sunday July 1 . . . 9:30–3:30
Centre for Peace
$150 – registration required

[see posters from Kate’s message (below) for details]

[…] I’m attaching two posters [here and here] for two related events Mountain Rain Zen Community is hosting, with Kaz Tanahashi, who has been active with BPF for many years. He is a wonderful calligrapher and translator of Dogen, the Japanese Zen master. The Friday evening poetry reading and calligraphy demonstration is a fund raiser for an organization Kaz founded called A World without Armies [AWWA].


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