Commercial Drive: Car-Free Festivals

May 21, 2007

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Sunday June 17th


Sunday July 22nd

This year there will be 2 car-free events – and you have the opportunity to volunteer at either event!

[from Jennifer]

Come out to Britannia (below the library) on Sat May 26th at 2pm to meet the organizers and brainstorm any ideas you may have around promoting or adding new elements to this very successful event.

This year our group, the Environmental Activist Network, will be working with recycling centres to have onsite drop off depots for e-waste and Styrofoam, and we’ll have a battery drop off at our booth. We also will have more information to answer any of your recycling questions. You can sign our petition on making all plastics a blue bin collectible and take part in community recycling. Event dates are Sunday June 17th and Sunday July 22nd. Start saving your stuff now! For more information go to (where you also can send an email), or contact me at 604 251-5952.



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