Peace Vigil in Oxford

April 25, 2007

image - sregus - from Vervet Monkey Foundation[from Sandy]

Hi Everyone

Want to let you know that I am doing a peace vigil in Oxford, UK, to protest the use of animals in the Oxford labs from Apr 26 -28th, 2007.

During this time I will be a companion for 88-yr-old Joan Court, who is doing a hunger strike for the 3rd year in a row to raise awareness of the suffering of animals in biomedical / experimental research labs. Felix, a monkey at Oxford, is the focus of Joan’s hunger strike. Her hunger strike is sponsored and supported by

My vigil will be to wish peace and happiness for all monkeys and apes in labs, as well as peace of mind and conscience to those working in animal experimentation labs or conducting the experiments. Please join me in a fervent prayer that all beings be happy and free from suffering. May we all awaken to the fact that animals cherish their own lives as much as we cherish ours. May all humans work together to end animal experiments and realize that animals are not here for our use.

Please consider adopting and supporting an ex-lab monkey or chimpanzee. The following sanctuaries are committed to giving life-long care and refuge to primates, protecting them from further testing and abuse by humans. They offer animal adoptions and some offer gift items, e.g., calendars, paintings by monkeys, specialty cookies, or cards. (Quebec, Canada) (Animal Protection Institute Sanctuary, Texas, USA) (Florida, USA) (Wales, UK) (AAP Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Netherlands) (Vervet Monkey Foundation, Limpopo, South Africa)

You can also adopt a primate CURRENTLY being held against his / her will and used for research at centres throughout the USA. You will get a Primate Freedom tag to wear around your neck, helping you to educate others, as well as information and research records about your adopted animal: (Georgia, USA)

Please only support charities committed to not testing on animals

Best wishes, with peace and metta for all,


Sandy Currie, MA
(Counselling Psychology)
Primate Handler / Itinerant Buddhist
UK Cell / text: +44 (0)7726 267321


One Response to “Peace Vigil in Oxford”

  1. [from Sandy]

    The peace vigil and silent meditation demo march, organized by Peace for Animals, was successful as we walked silently through the streets of Oxford and stopped outside the lab. With a big police escort, of course, complete with their video cameras and still photos of us madly recording who we were. There is a special unit of 30 officers in the UK to follow animal activists, as some have used threats of violence unfortunately and the police are looking at these people as a threat to national security. So, now the Buddhists are represented there, too!

    [and here she is, with other beings – but not in Oxford!]

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