Benefit for HIV/AIDS Education in Kenya

April 24, 2007

image - Kenya1We Continue Forward

Stories, Songs and Images from Kenya
Maggie Ziegler and Phil Vernon

Saturday, June 9th, 7:30pm
2120 East 3rd Avenue, Vancouver

[from Phil Vernon]

A Benefit for HIV/AIDS Education in Kenya – $25

This is a house event and limited to 30 people – to reserve leave a message at 604-254-9314 after May 1
or email Maggie Ziegler: mziegler [at] saltspring [dot] com

In this journey through the diverse land of Kenya you will meet Kenyans tackling the problems of their country in creative and spirited ways: rural HIV/AIDS educators, girls refusing circumcision, the founder of a home for abused AIDS orphans, union organizers, urban musicians and indigenous bee keepers and more.

Funds raised support an HIV/AIDS education project coordinated by Tuendelee Mbele EPZ Workers Welfare, a Nairobi-based self-help organization. In this project Tuendelee Mbele is training peer educators to bring desperately-needed HIV/AIDS information to the mainly-female workers of Kenya’s export processing zones (EPZ) and the surrounding slum settlements.

Saltspring Islanders Maggie Ziegler and Phil Vernon recently returned from almost three months in Kenya, where they volunteered on a HIV/AIDS education project, and met with people and organizations around the country. Hopeful and heartening, their presentation combines Maggie’s story-telling and Phil’s singing with images and music they brought home with them from their travels.

They are pleased to work with Saltspring Island’s SOLID ( to support the Tuendelee Mbele project.

SOLID is a non-profit society dedicated to support and empower HIV-AIDS affected families in sub-Saharan Africa through creating committed global friendships and mobilizing people in the fight against the AIDS pandemic. SOLID identifies and supports sustainable, community led projects that address health and education, and promote economic self-reliance.

For more information:
Phil Vernon 653-9485 / pvernon [at] saltspring [dot] com
Maggie Ziegler 653-9482/ mziegler [at] saltspring [dot] com


One Response to “Benefit for HIV/AIDS Education in Kenya”

  1. Simon Says:

    I hear that male circumcision can prevent HIV infection. I will call on people in my HIV blog. lol

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