Message from Maia: Welcoming Vets

April 16, 2007

BPF Logo - SmallOne in six American soldiers returning from Iraq show signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychological problems. How will society, including faith communities, help these veterans? How will they and other veterans respond to American life after what they have experienced?

To: BPF Chapters and Friends
From: Maia

I just wanted to remind everyone on this list about a project that BPF has started up: Welcoming Communities for Veterans. A Welcoming Community is a dharma center, sangha, or other Buddhist group that is committed to providing a compassionate welcome back for veterans, particularly those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The intention of the Welcoming Community Project is to support vets and their families in finding practices and a loving community that will help them heal from the physical and emotional traumas of war. BPF has been compiling an online directory of these groups.

You can help us by talking to your own sangha to raise awareness of the needs of returning vets, and encourage them to consider becoming an official “Welcoming Community.” As the list grows, we’ll do outreach to veterans’ groups and put out press releases so that vets and the general public are aware of this resource. To learn more about the project or to apply to have your group listed in this directory, please click here. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

in peace,


maia [at] bpf [dot] org


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