The Death of Peacekeeping: Take 2

April 10, 2007

[see also this item]

the death of peacekeeping“It is stunning how quickly the Canadian military can be recast as a key part of Canadian culture, especially now that we have abandoned our historic peacekeeping role. With no public debate, we now have a war-fighting military taking up more and more political space in Canada’s constellation of defining institutions.” – Murray Dobbin

[from Mary]

Hi all,

I’ve been finding the glorification of war this weekend so hard to listen to. I was somewhat comforted to read this [article] from Murray Dobbin – at least I didn’t feel so alone.


from The Hill Times:

Vimy Ridge observance edging into weirdness

The battle is now marked with more pageantry than when Vimy Ridge veterans were alive. When 17 Canadian combat survivors held their last reunion in France in 1998, there was no blanket TV coverage.

In a bid to outdo Remembrance Day, the government organized a mock blackout at the National War Memorial. Guests at nearby hotels were told to close their curtains–or else, presumably.


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