Awake in Action

April 2, 2007

logo - Awake in ActionThursday • April 5 • 7:00pm to 9:30pm

from the cushion to the community

Bringing our insights from the meditation cushion into the world of personal relationships, community service and work through a meditation, talk and discussion format, this group engages the Shambhala world of warriorship and the Buddhist world of bodhisattva action. – Awake in Action (at the Shambala Centre)

[from Lisa]

Hello all,

I hope we’ve all spent some time in the sun over the past few days – it looks like Spring is truly here.

The first Thurs. of the month, April 5th, brings our monthly Awake in Action meeting. A brief description of the agenda for this Thurs. is below. We encourage everyone on the list to come out & participate and if you know of anyone not on this list, that may have an interest, please bring them too – the meeting is open to all.

– Start- 7:00 pm
[If it’s not possible for you to be at the centre by 7:00 pm, please feel free to still come to the meeting later on].

– Sitting meditation (shamatha)
– Check in
– We plan to revisit the Paramitas over the coming months… starting with a brief overview this month byway of a group reading of Pema Chodron’s chapter on the Paramitas in, “The Places That Scare You” & a discussion afterwards.

The Paramitas are important teaching in the Mahayana tradition. Precise tools to use in our lives.

It seems the true teachings, the heart teachings, can always be blended, mingled with your everyday life. If you look at the Six Paramitas objectively, they seem like Buddhist principles or Mahayana principles. They seem so far away from us. But when you really reflect carefully, you’ll find that the Six Paramitas are actually a part of us. They’re actually our intrinsic, fundamental qualities in each of us–like generosity, patience, discipline, meditation. These are very basic enlightened properties of each of us. They are actually inherent to each of us by birth.

– Tulku Thubten Rinpoche

(It is our intention to have teachers teach one Paramita per month over the next 6 months, starting in May.)

-Quick update of old and/or new Awake in Action business
-Close (generally 9:00-9:30 pm)

Please come join us – any questions, please comment or call!

Lisa Hill

Awake in Action
The Shambhala Centre
3275 Heather Street, Vancouver


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