March 17 • Out of Afghanistan • Into Kyoto

March 12, 2007

Gather 12:30pm English Bay|March 1:00pm|Rally 2:00pm VAG

*Rain or shine, be there this Saturday*

On March 17, march and rally with thousands to say:
"Canada out of Afghanistan, into Kyoto!"

Saturday, March 17
Gather: 12:30pm at English Bay (Denman & Davie)
March: 1:00pm
Rally: 2:00pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia &


-Francisco Juarez, Canada's first Afghanistan war
-Colleen McCrory of the Valhalla Wilderness Society
-Onesimo Hidalgo, co-director of the Center for
Economic Research and Social Action in San Cristobal
de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
-Great live music by Headwater
(, Ndidi Cascade and
Deanna, and the Carnival Band.

On the weekend marking the 4th anniversary of the Iraq
War, join tens of thousands across the country in
sending a loud message to Ottawa: Fight climate
change, not wars for oil! Bring the troops home from

March 17th is a pan-Canadian Day of Action. To find
events in other cities, check out the Canadian Peace
Alliance listings: is a broad-based coalition with over 160
endorsing organizations.

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  1. Thanks to Mary for sending us this.

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