‘Please, don’t call me homeless’

February 7, 2007

Read ‘Please, don’t call me homeless’. Then, if you live in Vancouver, read the following message from Wendy Pedersen, and write to Mayor Sullivan and Council.

[email from Wendy Pedersen]

February 6, 2007

On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, Vancouver’s City Council will vote on whether to strengthen the SRA Bylaw, to start using the Standards of Maintenance Bylaw and whether or not to buy DTES hotels as promised in the Homeless Action Plan.

If you haven’t yet sent an email to Mayor Sullivan and Council, we hope that you will take a few minutes to help us out with this. Your efforts are important and will help us show the broad based support to save the last housing before homelessness in Vancouver. Please consider attaching your letter to an email and sending it directly to me. I will fax in your letter with other handwritten letters as a group on Monday the 12th.

In your letter, please include your home address to show that you are a voter in Vancouver. You may want to describe the sector of housing in Vancouver you represent, i.e. a low income renter, live in social housing, homeowner.

Your letter can be brief. Ask Mayor and Council to create a strong moratorium on conversions and demolitions, to enforce the Standards of Maintenance immediately and to buy 3 hotels to keep up with promises of buying one hotel a year in the City’s Homeless Action Plan – and why we cannot afford a single more homeless person in this city.

If you want to write more detail and need help, please see the documents The Eight-Point Solution and Why SROs Matter outlining CCAP’s position.

In solidarity,

Wendy Pedersen, Community Organizer
Carnegie Community Action Project

wpedersen [at] look [dot] ca

[Thanks to Eyeteeth for the link.]


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