The New York Times Reports from Bamiyan

December 8, 2006

Art Khmer Buddha Head - Musee Guimet, Paris • © Tony Bowall • used with permissionPlaster fragments in the rubble from the demolition of the two huge statues in 2001 have allowed specialists to carbon-date the smaller Buddha to 507 and the larger one to 554. The monk Xuan Zang described both statues on his return to China from a visit to Bamiyan in 632. He also reported an even larger reclining Buddha. This larger statue is thought to have been destroyed long ago. [story]

If you click on the link to the story, you also then can view a slide show of more than a dozen images. [Ahem] No, the image above is not from Bamiyan. If you know of one that can be used with permission at no charge, please say so by leaving a comment.


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