Message from Iraq [fwd by Maia on Nov 7]

November 10, 2006

[from Maia]

Dear BPF chapters and friends,

I wanted to share with you this email that Jill Jameson, from BPF Australia, forwarded to me. The message from Rashad, a woman in Iraq, is very powerful, especially to those of us who live in the U.S., and especially on this election day.

may all beings be safe,

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jill & Graeme Jameson […]
Date: October 30, 2006 4:56:04 PM PST
To: Maia Duerr […]
Subject: Fwd: Re: greetings from Iraq

Dear Maia,

Just forwarding this moving letter from Rashad in Iraq in support of your “note for peace” vigils. I had the privilege of meeting Rashad at a Women Faith Leaders meeting in Taiwan back in June. Rashad has started an organisation which is supporting the many orphans in Iraq, in the practice of compassion.

in love and peace,

From: k4iws […]
Subject: Re: greetings from Australia
To: Jill & Graeme Jameson […]
Dear sister Jill:-
It was my pleasure to hear from you because I had send you two emails after my returning back home, but it seems they were to the wrong address .I am very happy to Know that you are spending some times with your family now . After what is happening in my country all what we are wishing is to spend our life peacefully with our families. You can imagine how this will affect all sites of progress .we are just trying to keep survival in one of the richest country of the world. shooting & bombing became one of our ordinary life .news about death of one friend or relative is expected in every hour, even I am afraid this year to let my daughter go to collage .
About my work in my society we were having some Charity projects in Ramadan for distributing Food items & clothes to the refuges that were emigrated by force from their homes due to sectarian reasons. I am not wishing any other country to go under freedom & democracy of the USA which we are suffering from after the invasion.
Only our faith in Good, in justice, in reality of death, in the last day is our consolation.
The big help you can offer is to tell many people about the reality of this occupation may be they can press on your Government to pull out troops as some other country do. This will embarrasses the USA so they may pull their troops also & we returned back to our freedom.
My best wishes to you & hopping to meet again.


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